January 29, 2023


"COSMIC CREATING", Jan Shaw 1/28/23 - Pelosi Tapes, Pfizer Exposed or Scam

"COSMIC CREATING", Jan Shaw 1/28/23 - Pelosi Tapes, Pfizer Exposed or Scam
Cosmic Reality Podcast
"COSMIC CREATING", Jan Shaw 1/28/23 - Pelosi Tapes, Pfizer Exposed or Scam

Jan 29 2023 | 01:00:09


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Graphic bodycam video shows suspect violently swing hammer at Paul Pelosi after police arrive

Capitol Police Surveillance Video Shows How DePape Got Into the Pelosi Home

Kinzinger Lists People to Hold 'Accountable' for Questioning Pelosi Case, Ted Cruz Takes Him Apart in Response

David DePape confesses to hammer attack in interrogation audio, issues chilling new statement: 'So sorry I didn’t get more of them'

Undercover Video Shows Pfizer Employee Revealing That Big Pharma is Exploring 'Mutating' COVID Virus For New Vaccines

Project Veritas Confronts Pfizer Director, and All Hell Breaks Loose

Pfizer RESPONDS to Project Veritas' 'Bombshell' Undercover Video Showing Exec's Remarks on 'Mutating' Viruses

State Bioterrorism

Classified Documents Found in Mike Pence’s Home

The 20 Point Email of Classified Information from His Father that Hunter Biden Sent to Burisma Board Member in April 2014

French Embassy U.S. makes a hilarious mockery of the AP’s now-deleted style guide update

Elon Musk has just 1 question for The AP after they called ‘the’ a dehumanizing label and BAHAHA

SACRE BLEU! AP pushes its STUPIDEST rule yet about dehumanizing label ‘THE’ (French hardest hit)

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