February 18, 2021


COSMIC REALITY CHRONICLES 2/16/21 - from February 9, 2016

COSMIC REALITY CHRONICLES 2/16/21 - from February 9, 2016
Cosmic Reality Podcast
COSMIC REALITY CHRONICLES 2/16/21 - from February 9, 2016

Feb 18 2021 | 01:53:51


Show Notes

“Cosmic Reality Chronicles” Replays from the Cosmic Reality Archives. with Nancy Hopkins and Walt Silva February 9, 2016: Walt explains holographic images as blue prints for the 3D and describes his new anti-aging device; what is new on the Underground Civilizations; Benjamin Fulford's updates on the financial systems change of computers, the Cuban meeting of Christians February 12 and the jubilee event where the scam is revealed and the citizens of Earth are financially freed; the Boston Globe movie where their uncovering of Catholic child abuse; Shungite on automobiles and the longevity of milk in Shungite refrigerator. https://www.cosmicreality.net/cosmic-reality-blog/cosmic-reality-radio-show-february-9-2016

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