February 02, 2021


COSMIC REALITY CHRONICLES 2/2/21 - Solaris BlueRaven

COSMIC REALITY CHRONICLES 2/2/21 - Solaris BlueRaven
Cosmic Reality Podcast
COSMIC REALITY CHRONICLES 2/2/21 - Solaris BlueRaven

Feb 02 2021 | 02:00:52


Show Notes

“Cosmic Reality Chronicles” Replays from the Cosmic Reality Archives. with Nancy Hopkins and Walt Silva March 29, 2016 and Solaris BlueRaven: A few weeks ago we became introduced to Captain Max Steel. This show explains more than Max would want to hear. Solaris listens to Nancy relate the story about the triangle seen by 5 people 90 minutes after Max told her a triangular vehicle was over her property; and why Nancy now thinks it was an impressive mind control event. Solaris provides extremely important information regarding mind control. In the second hour the Black Cube was revisited and the story https://www.cosmicreality.net/cosmic-reality-blog/cosmic-reality-radio-show-march-29-2016

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