January 21, 2022


"COSMIC REALITY CHRONICLES" 8/18/15 - Pillars of Light

"COSMIC REALITY CHRONICLES" 8/18/15 - Pillars of Light
Cosmic Reality Podcast
"COSMIC REALITY CHRONICLES" 8/18/15 - Pillars of Light

Jan 21 2022 | 01:57:46


Show Notes

“Cosmic Reality Chronicles with Nancy Hopkins, Walt Silva, and Colleen Kelly - August 18, 2015: In the last couple of days the buzz has been around the pillars of light showing up in a few photographs. The first time I saw something similar was above the Chichen Itza pyramid in 2012. Maybe the family did a Photoshop but why? Maybe it was a camera problem, but one that was so well positioned directly over the pyramid? (Cosmic Reality Rule 5 - Chance is a pseudonym for thought.)

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