July 28, 2023


SHUNGITE REALITY 7/25/23 - REPLAY from 7-19-23 Reality Sci Fi Starring Shungite

SHUNGITE REALITY 7/25/23 - REPLAY from 7-19-23 Reality Sci Fi Starring Shungite
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SHUNGITE REALITY 7/25/23 - REPLAY from 7-19-23 Reality Sci Fi Starring Shungite

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“Shungite Show” with Nancy Hopkins, Derek Condit, Mark Joseph, Walt Silva, Yasmin West. This is a replay from a year ago 7/19/2022. It is titled “Reality Sci Fi Starring Shungite”, because we had built an energy device that took down the electric system at Mystical Wares. SHOW PHOTO https://www.cosmicreality.com/uploads/1/8/0/9/18090901/230725-220719-shungite-show-orig_orig.jpg

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Speaker 0 00:00:01 Can you believe in a finite object possessing infinite power, or that a mineral can be proclaimed the medicine of the 21st century? Or that the power of nature can win over the ignorance of man. If you can, you'll know why. Our mission is to get s Shungite to the masses. You are entering the S shungite zone. This is the s Shungite Radio Show produced by Cosmic Reality Radio. And welcome to s Shanghai Reality. It is July 19th, 2022. My name is Nancy Hopkins. With me is, uh, well, I know Walt Silva well, Walt Silver's gonna be here. <laugh>, Yasmine West. I think Mark Joseph and Derek is, was on the call with us, but just lost electricity. So hopefully he's going to get back with a Derek Honda. Um, okay, so, um, Speaker 2 00:01:17 I'm back. Speaker 0 00:01:18 You're back. Waltz's back. All right, mark, are you here? Hey, everybody. Okay. Hey, Speaker 2 00:01:23 Mark Speaker 0 00:01:25 And Yame is here. Speaker 3 00:01:26 I'm out here throwing breakers. Hello. Good morning. Speaker 0 00:01:29 Wait, what's, what's Derek doing? He's not a lot of noise. Speaker 3 00:01:32 Sorry. Yeah, I'm on my phone. I'm walking around the mystical w right now, throwing breakers, trying to figure out what's going on. Speaker 0 00:01:39 So it was only your office? Speaker 3 00:01:42 Yeah. And what's odd <laugh>? I literally threw every single breaker in the building already and nothing's changing. I'm walking back in the office office. Speaker 2 00:01:53 It sounds like the office has a, an individual, um, uh, breaker. Yes. Some somewhere in the office. Speaker 3 00:02:00 Yeah, but it doesn't, I've been through the panels. I literally just had to walk through the inspection with the fire marshal, uh, I don't know, a month ago. I'm gonna keep walking around, but I can, I got all kinds of fire lights going off right now. All the emergency lights are lighting up, and of course I don't have <laugh>. Anyway, I can mute and just listen if you guys want while I walk around and do this. I'm trying to get, yeah, Speaker 2 00:02:22 We'll mess the adventure. Speaker 3 00:02:24 Okay, well, I'm, well, let's, it looks weird 'cause everything else is on. I'm in the back hidden room now in the complete darkness. But there's a fan on, but yet all the lights are off. So here's our last panel. Speaker 0 00:02:36 Uh, may I ask you nothing? Did, did, did you check to see if somebody had shut the lights off on you? Speaker 3 00:02:42 I did. Oh, it's, oh yeah, I did. It's, it's the lights now. So I literally am throwing, I'm at the last panel. You guys can hear me doing it. Um, yeah, there's nobody here. And I walked outside to see if maybe we had a maintenance guy just showing up or something. I'm just throwing And there's a lot of fuses as you can. Oh man. As you can hear. Okay. All of mystical wear. There's been a hundred percent reset now. And I'll tell you, there's still lights off. 'cause uh, lights should have come on in this room. I'm standing in, so. Huh. Speaker 2 00:03:16 Now, uh, well this is interesting. Is there any power in the outlets? Because the, the lights are obviously on a separate circuit than the outlets. Speaker 3 00:03:24 Clearly I'm back and I'm back in my office. No, and that's, nope, it's not like a reset light switch thing, which would not make sense. Anyway, I'm standing next to that device, Nancy, if you want to get into <laugh>, that at all. I'm gonna keep walking around. Speaker 0 00:03:38 Yeah. Okay. Let, let, let me, let me start the story out because, um, it is a story. Um, and this doesn't kind of surprise me that this weirdness is happening because, alright, so the eagle, those people that have been listening to any of our shows know, know about the eagle and, um, I'm going to, let me see if I can carry this off. All right, let me see where we at. Alright. Okay. I wanna show you. Okay, so let me put this up there. Sorry about the weirdness of the show, but it's gonna be that way probably. Um, okay. Shows guide. Speaker 0 00:04:27 'cause this is where the story starts now. I can just find it for heaven's sakes. Okay, here we go. All right. What I just put up in the, uh, in the chat is something that got put together, not yesterday, the day before. Um, my eagle, which now you can see it's got the Siri or the sun resonator, but it's sir, uh, resonator on top of the poles. All right. That, that's, that's where this ended up. But I want you to kind look at the, at the, uh, eagle before the, just that, just think of the resonator not being there. Okay. So it was sitting there, I had moved it from its original position, and when I moved it, I did not dig a hole to put the base of it in because I just, I said, do I have to dig a hole here? And I got No, no, you don't have to. Speaker 0 00:05:41 All right. So, um, and everything was working fine. Then we had the flood. And the flood was absolutely because of the weird fern that came over and, and covered, actually touched and, and covered the pipes that caused a short circuit in the system that then caused a flood. And I've talked about this, and I'm sure that's what happened, because then when it was removed, you could see that the storms that were still starting to come into the area, huge numb, huge storms. They started breaking up. It was a, it was a day after the flood, and there were more storms. If that had happened, gosh, only knows what would've happened to the property flood wise. But once I realized the short circuit, immediately the, the storms just started leaving the area. So, oh, okay. Good, good, good. So last week, well, we start, we we're in a drought. Speaker 0 00:06:41 I kept saying, you know, why aren't you, you not only protect me from the flood, but why? Why aren't we getting any? This is a rainy season, and Dolly would attest to you that she's had a raining season. It rains every day just about, but down here we are now in a severe drought that they're telling you you can't, uh, put water on your plants and gardens and everything, uh, except on certain days. So I'm looking at it, I'm going, damn, it doesn't feel like it's even on. What, what's the problem? So I say something to Walt, and then, uh, Walt goes and asks the pendulum, and he comes back to me and he says, well, um, how did he put it? I asked the pendulum if it was Gaia doing it, stopping it, you know, from working. And it is. And I went to myself, oh, he is blaming it on me. Speaker 0 00:07:38 I'm not listening to Gaia <laugh>. She's got some plan in motion and he's blaming it on me instead of, maybe his eagle failed, you know? But I've been with halt for a long time now, and I can get a little miffed at him sometimes, but he's holy. He seems to be right. And that really gets me pissed off. But anyway, so I said, okay, all right, all right, all right. So then I start, I kind of go, you know, go back to the basics. And I'm sitting there now, one of the things that it, that was bothering me was the fact that when I moved the, the eagle to where it is now, the bees that would, I mean, always I'd walk outside the door and there were bees on this one, cor it's called the coral vine. It's got these beautiful little teeny pink flowers in all day long. Speaker 0 00:08:30 I mean, the huge, huge flower thing all day long there'd be, you know, probably a thousand bees in and around the area. And, um, so when I moved it no be, but the coral vine itself wasn't really putting out the, the flowers that it normally does. And it's like an all year round thing. So I'm going like, okay, maybe they're not being attracted 'cause there's no flowers, but maybe there's no flowers because they're not being attracted and pollinating what's happening here. So the one of the reasons I thought that the, uh, eagle was not working was I suddenly started getting bees back into that area. Speaker 0 00:09:18 So I'm going, okay, this is definitely not, not on. So I, you know, contacting with, with Gaia, just gimme what you want me to do. And I get, dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole. All day long I was doing radio dig a hole, I mean, or dig a hole. Okay? So the next, as soon as I had the time, well, I didn't have any choice in it. It was dig a hole, <laugh>. So I, I go out there and I dig the hole, and I put the base, the resin base where the pipes come out. I put it deep enough, I cover it all up. I know sooner get it covered up. Then I said, uh, is there a problem? And it's like, yes, you can't cover the top of the resin. You gotta let the resin get the sun. Oh, okay. Speaker 0 00:10:02 So now I have to clean out <laugh> clean off the top of the, okay. All right. So, and I look at the Eagle, because when I look at the Eagle, I, we, we will have a conversation, because we started it before the show about, uh, energies and how you see 'em or feel 'em, I can feel energies, but I can also see them. And it's sort of like, I think of it as second sighting. And the best way to explain that is those, I don't know how many of you ever seen those pictures where they look like one thing until you sort of like, adjust your eyes in a certain way, and it looks like a totally different picture. It's kind of like that you're adjusting the way you're focusing. And I can see the shimmering energies. Okay. I'm not detecting it on the eagle. Speaker 0 00:10:49 It's like mm-hmm. Stone cold, dead, not working. So, um, then I talking it to, okay, so I had a issue with the eagle. 'cause it wasn't working. I don't, I I don't snap into anger. I mean, I used to when I was younger, but I don't normally now, and I got suddenly very angry, and I just shoved it. And when I tipped over, water came out of the pipes. So I thought, could that have been the problem? And yeah, I could argue it either way. So Walt says, and he kind of argued it the same way, you know, both ways. But then he said, no, I've had mine open and they've had water in 'em, and there's no problem. And, you know, that's not, that's not what's happening. So, but because I dumped it over, I said, am I, did I dump out the nectar that we we're in those pipes when I dumped it over with the water? Speaker 0 00:11:42 So I pull, I could only get two, two of the legs to come off. And they just slid right off. The others were like, they weren't moving. So I poured some more nectar. And Nectar is a powder that is an energy that was, uh, downloaded to me back in early nineties. Okay. It is amazing. I mean, it doesn't do everything Shanghai does, but it sure does most of what Shanghai does. So I said, okay, well maybe that's it. So I do that and blah, blah, blah, and I look and nope, still off. And I, I keep glancing over to my left to see if the, if the bees are still there, yes, bees are still there. So now I'm like, all right, all right. I get real quiet. I don't, you wanna quiet your mind, stop your mind from thinking about what it could be or not, and just let what the messaging comes in. Speaker 0 00:12:33 So all of a sudden I said, what am I missing? And all of a sudden I see the Siri that walked it had built me the this, and it just was in my head. And I went, okay, now this is weird. So I go, I get it, and I put it on top. Like you see in the, uh, in the picture that I put up, Walton's has put up another one. But you can see it. It's, it just, I just sat it on top of there. Well, as soon as I did, boom, the thing like kicked on. And instead of the energies coming off in a parallel way off of the top of the, the pipes, when it hit the Siri, it was still being emitted. I could still see the wave going up, you know, towards the sky. But it also was taking the following the contour of, of the, of the, the half circle that it was just like beaming all over the place. And it was a different energy. It was, I, I don't even know how to explain it, um, except to say that my, when it came on, it came on so suddenly it was also very, um, condensed. It was, it was, it was more cohesive. There was something more solid about the, the energy flow. It was Speaker 2 00:13:59 Like, well, remember that it's tuned to the fifth dimensional sun, so it's the energy of the sun. That's, that's what I wanted. Yeah. Not, not to, not the energy filtered by the atmosphere and the camera trails and all that crap, the real energy that we get, that we don't get here on the surface of the planet. Speaker 0 00:14:18 So, and I look at the bees, and the bees, there's a whole bunches of bees, and they're just having a good old time. They're not being blown away or whatever was seemingly happening to them. So I immediately went in and messaged Yasmine because she's got an eagle, and this is, they're all, they're set in a, in a, you know, series of, they're all connected. So I said, just go out and look at your eagle and see if you feel a change. And Yasmin, I'm gonna turn it over to you so that you can tell me what your experience was when, when you looked at it after this had been added to the grid. Speaker 4 00:14:59 Okay. Um, well, I, um, it, it definitely felt different. Uh, let's see. It felt like a more, um, the, the energy felt a little smooth, smoother to me. And, um, also when I, so I know you have mentioned like, you would put the, your hand over the top of the eagle, and you would feel it just like cranking energy out on mine. I never really felt that before until your upgrade. And then I could definitely feel energy coming out of the top of the eagle. And also, um, my hands started tingling. Like when I'm running reiki, I'll either, my hands will heat up or I'll get tingly in my hands when the reiki energy's coming through. So, and that I felt really strong when I put my hands on top of, and I wasn't touching the eagle, but just holding them above it. Um, but, and then when I felt, just, Speaker 0 00:16:14 Just to make it clear, she has not got the, the resonator on hers. She's just feeling the effect of the resonator on mine to what happened to her eagle. I just wanted to make that clear to people. Speaker 4 00:16:28 That is correct. And I've, I mean, I have the ano generator here, and I, when I first got the eagle, I had those two together for a while, and then I brought my resonator back inside the house to work with it. Um, but yeah, I don't have the Siri resonator. So, but yeah, I was definitely feeling, and I go out there periodically when I go and talk, talk to the eagle, I, I go and I consciously, I actually hold on to the, um, copper tubing and, you know, I'll work with the energy that way and talk to it, place my intentions in there. Um, but this time, the ener, when I did that, that energy felt different. It was, I wouldn't necessarily say stronger, but definitely smoothed out. So it seemed a much more consistent, smooth, flowy energy to it, if that makes sense. <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:17:45 Yeah. Yeah. You, you explained it better than I did, I think. So, um, did you Speaker 2 00:17:50 Feel the pulsing that Nancy felt? Speaker 4 00:17:54 No, I felt tingly in my hands. Oh. But that could just be because I am reiki attuned, and that's what I normally feel. So I mean, we're all gonna feel a little different probably, I would imagine. Speaker 0 00:18:11 Yeah. What what Walt's referencing is that, um, see, no, she wouldn't have Walt, because I never felt the pulsing until you checked in with your, the pendulum and your guides, and they, and because you asked them, should I put one on mine on, on yours in Minnesota? And, and I didn't feel the pulsing at that point, um, or it might've been there, but I wasn't aware of it. So then he says to me, we get on the phone and I'm telling him what's happening, and he said, um, okay. He said, well, then I'm gonna go put my Syria on, on my, yeah. Speaker 2 00:18:48 The pendulum said yes, when I asked should I put it on? And I got, yes, okay. Speaker 0 00:18:54 So I said to him, don't tell me when you put it on there, just, you know, I'm gonna go and see if I feel a change without knowing, you know, at what point you might have put it on there. And I'm, I, I went outside, I'm sitting in a chair in front of the, the eagle, and I, I, you know, I'm, I'm looking at the flowers and the bees and, you know, kind of trying to keep myself occupied with just what was around me, not thinking about what was about to happen or might happen or any of that. And all of a sudden I felt like, woo. And I went, whoa, <laugh>, that was interesting. So now my focus is back on the eagle. And what I felt happening was that, okay, normally it, the energy comes and it goes through the, the, the bottom part of it where the resonant and all the coils and the magic is, and then it goes up through the pipes, and it just keeps going up. Speaker 0 00:19:50 But this time it was like, there was something weird happening with the way the field was moving, and that I didn't, initially I wasn't seeing anything. I wasn't seeing it at all. It was this feeling. I, all of a sudden I was getting like, Ooh, ooh, ooh. I mean, that's that. And it was an energy feeling. And so now I'm, I'm just trying to focus to see w what, what am I seeing? What am I su, you know, sensing what, what, what's happening here? And from the top of the resonator, there was a field going like to the right, but not quite the right. It, it's a weird thing, but it, let's just say it's on the right side. And then on the left side, there was another one, but they were where these, this energy flow was going in opposite directions. And every time it would, it is sort of like you got, you know, two, it's hard to explain. Speaker 0 00:20:55 All right, let's say you got a balloon and you're letting go of the balloon, and you're dropping a ball at the same time, and they're falling at the, you know, the ball's falling and the balloon coming up at the same time. When they would get so that they were closest to each other, that's when I'd get this. Woo. And so, you know, I, I, new thing for me, but I also realized that unlike the sensation of the field, I would get without it, the, there was a tremendous amount of grounding involved in it. In other words, the, the, the, this energy was going, it was connecting with the lay line that that's there, that they had me. I mean, there was specific on, that's why I had to move it, it had to go to a different lay line, but it is down in the lay line. Speaker 0 00:21:46 And that lay line then was just like, wow. Boom. And the thing would, you know, that would, it was amazing to see. So having an, an understanding of, okay, this is a different type of field that we've got together. And I talked to Walt, and yes, I, everything seemed to correspond to the time that he put it on there. So he said to me, do you think we should ask Yasmine, uh, you know, that should, does it need to be on Yasmine's? Um, and I said, I've already done that. And he says he should got the home apopo, what is it? Speaker 2 00:22:23 Opponent, opponent. Speaker 0 00:22:25 Opponent. Um, she's got the opponent. Opponent. I said, no, I already went through that in my head, and I'm getting no, and she doesn't have to do anything to hers just right now. I don't know if it will happen in the future, but right now, you know, I'm not feeling that, that, that that's something that needs to be addressed. But then Walt says to me, what'd you say Walton? Why did you say it to me about Derek? Speaker 2 00:22:49 Oh, because, uh, because since Derek all has a, a story resonator, and he made those, uh, small scale cloud busters, I said, well, does he have those things? Because he puts them in a circle, like a cloud buster. He can sit it on, on top of the pipes, so it'll be like a miniature cloud buster. So he can do that. So we left it that you were going to call him and, and present that idea. Speaker 0 00:23:17 Yep. And I, well, I messaged him and I said, do you happen to have six of the small cloud busters? And because you said six, you didn't say circle or anything like that, you said he could use six. Yeah. And I, I realized that that was a, a, a clue, a dropdown you had just given a, you know, you know how this stuff comes into our house mouth. Speaker 2 00:23:39 You notice, you notice the plate inside the resonators is, uh, normally they're, they're, uh, octagons. But in the Siri resonator, the, the, the plates inside are ha hexagons six sided. Speaker 0 00:23:52 Right? Right, right. Speaker 2 00:23:54 So when I, when I visualize his cloud busters in my head, I realized that eight wouldn't, wouldn't work because it was, it would be too big. It has to be six, six would would be just the right size. And they do, they, they match. They're touching each other, and they're far apart. So much so that the, uh, the resonator sits squarely on top of the pipes. So they were made for each other. Speaker 0 00:24:25 Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. So now what has Derrick done to me? He so sent these things to me. Derek, are you still listening to us? Speaker 3 00:24:36 I'm, Speaker 0 00:24:37 I'm, oh, you are? Okay. Um, can you, you sent me those things. They came all at one. What am I supposed to do with these things? Speaker 3 00:24:47 I put 'em in chat. So if somebody else, I'm still down here, there's all kinds of crazy stuff going on, but I'll catch up real quick on that. Just look in chat, download the images, and you can share from there probably. Speaker 0 00:24:56 Okay. All right. Okay. I'm looking at them now to figure out which one to show you guys first. Speaker 2 00:25:03 You want the one with a picture of water so you can tell people about what you felt was happening to the water? Speaker 0 00:25:09 No, I got that one here. I'm looking, see, he doesn't have the ones that, that I would, all right, I'm just gonna put this one up. I think I can do it. Let me see. All right. Speaker 3 00:25:25 I am gonna mute. I'm tracking down alarms. We have like battery backups or UPS devices on a lot of things, and they're all screaming. So it's like a, a Marco Polo game going out right now. I'm like, oh my God, where's that one? Speaker 0 00:25:40 Okay, so it's not working, it's just spinning around. Oh, did it come up? Yes, it did. No, it didn't. Speaker 2 00:25:49 The central piece is an obsidian wand. Speaker 0 00:25:54 Did did it come up? Can you, Speaker 3 00:25:57 Um, no, Walt, it looks like it and that they can answer if it came up, excuse me. But the centerpiece, I don't think I even told Nancy. I don't know. I made that it's actually SS four powder in a, oh, I poured it into a mold, but up that what looks like a, um, a tower point is a hollow copper tube going all the way up the length of it. So if you zoom in on the downward shot, you'll see uhhuh little copper ring. Yeah, right around the tip there, wall, you'll see where that's the other end of the copper. Speaker 2 00:26:25 Ah, Speaker 3 00:26:26 Oh, and that I didn't also get into this. Each one of those, of course, of the bottom organ devices are programmable with a frequency or anything like that. And so is the center one as well, so they can all feed into that. Speaker 2 00:26:39 Yeah, that's, that's why I wanted to tell you. But well, like, we'll wait for Nancy to, uh, um, end her report, and then I'll tell you about the, the thing that I, that, uh, ro, uh, RIF couldn't do. How you can use the pipes on the, on the, on the rubber for, um, a concentrator. But that's for another moment. Let's, let's continue with the story. Oh, sure. <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:27:06 Whenever you're ready, Nancy. I'm just walking around still doing things here. The neighbors, the building next door we share, so we share a big grocery store and we have, oh, I hear another beep. Um, we share a grocery store size building. We're in half of it. In the other half of theirs is down too, apparently. Speaker 0 00:27:24 Okay. I have up now the picture that took me a while to get it up, but if you look at it, you can see what they're talking about. We've got at the bottom, you've got the six, uh, what do you call them? Sung? What do you call them on the website? Speaker 3 00:27:45 Um, probably Shang, Orgon, shungite, resident Orone devices. Any one of those. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:27:50 Sh shungite orgon devices. You can go and you can actually purchase these, but he has six of them. Okay. And so we put the six down and, and see, we had a series of pictures that I would really like. We should have dropped down. I'll have 'em on the promo because we, we built this one piece at a time. Yes. I've got the six. We're on the phone. Yes. I've got the six. I've got the resonator here. And so we put the six together, and when they come together in the center of 'em, they make another hexagon. Okay. When you put 'em together, the center is a hexagon. So he puts the, uh, surey on it, and if, if we had the picture, it, it didn't completely cover all of the pipes on the edge of the pipes. The pipes were bypassing it, but a good portion of it's going straight through the resonator. And I noticed that when he did that, that when Walt did his, and Walt, can you put the picture of, uh, the, when you, the first one you sent me when you, after you had put it on yours, because Speaker 2 00:29:01 Then it is not in chat. Speaker 0 00:29:05 I don't Speaker 2 00:29:06 What? 'cause I, I, I put mine on chat, Skype, I put this Yeah. No, not, not the Skype, the the radio chat. Speaker 4 00:29:15 Yeah. Well, well posted his earlier. Speaker 0 00:29:18 Earlier. Oh, oh, oh, okay. You scroll up <laugh> how much earlier? All right, so it, okay, there it is. All right. Got it. Got it, got it, got it. See, they're all looking alike to me. Okay. Well, he, the first picture he sent me was very close up of the, uh, resonator on top of the pipes. And I noticed that we'll explain your, your pipes is, is actually being held between the pipes. Correct. How's that working there, Walt? Speaker 2 00:29:48 It looks like a derricks. The only difference is my pipes are long pipes, but just like that, the diameter of the resonator does not exactly match the outer diameter on the pipes. So a certain amount of pipe, you know, it, uh, it's, it's, it's beyond the diameter of the resonator. So the resonator is covering about half, half the width of the diameter of each pipe. And it looks just like a Derek's picture. Speaker 0 00:30:19 Exactly. And that, that, when, as soon as I saw it, I said, this is weird, because in mine, it, it actually covered the eight pipes. Yes. And that's because mine, when you tried to, when you were building it, they wouldn't stay parallel. They keep kept wanting to come together near at the tip. And Speaker 2 00:30:38 Well, you are the boss, so you have to be different <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:30:42 You know? But, but, so I saw what you had done, and then I saw what was happening with his, and, and, and it was like, well, this is really interesting that, you know, they were both doing the same thing, same diameters, everything was, was happening. So, um, if we go back to that picture that I just put up, you'll see what happened next. And I'm not sure if Derek, Derek just told you guys about, um, that thing that he made in the middle <laugh>, which he made with resin, and did he tell you about the piece of copper piping that goes straight up the middle of it? Speaker 2 00:31:18 Yeah. That's why I wanted to, I don't want to interrupt your story, but, uh, with, with his invention of the liquid rubber, he can actually make a concentrator and it'll be like amazing. That's like a big, uh, Oregon cannon. So I need, I need to describe that with him to him. Speaker 0 00:31:41 Okay. So, so, so there's a secondary. So what, what, what, what we're demonstrating here is how Shungite teaches us, you know, it's like we get this guidance, whether it's coming from Gaia, the pendulum, Shanghai, somebody is giving us information, and if we follow the information and just whatever kind of impulse we get to do, we do, um, all of a sudden you've got something that is, you know, really ass kicking. <laugh>. Okay? So, so, all right. Take in your, in your mind's eye, take the, uh, the, the C 60 thing off of it, because that was what we had initially. We didn't have the C 60 on it, right? And I'm talking to 'em on the phone, and, um, all of a sudden he's like, oh, oh, oh. And, and you know, he is just making all these grunting noises. And he goes, and then he got, oh, oh, you gotta see this. Speaker 0 00:32:38 You gotta see this. And he take, he took this C 60 molecule that Jesa had gotten him, uh, a couple of years ago. It's made of metal, but the dang thing, the dimension of it fit completely over this, what we already had built. Okay. And now you're going like, oh my goodness. You know, what is this thing? Now, in this picture, you're gonna see to the right, there's a picture of water. And we, I, there's a whole bunch of other pictures that aren't getting up here, but this picture happened to be up and I'm looking at it on my phone, and all of a sudden I get this indication that something is happening to the right of the picture. And that's when I noticed the water. And I said to Derek, I said, Derek, is there water next in, you know, next to this thing? And he said, yeah, it's a picture. And I said, oh my God. I said, that thing is Perkin. And I wish he was on the call right now because, um, he, he, he could tell you what he felt. I'll just tell you what you know, he said to me, I Speaker 3 00:33:48 Can talk. Speaker 0 00:33:49 Oh, okay. Tell me. Okay, so I don't know how much where we are in the story. Do you know where we are? Have you've been listening? Yeah, Speaker 3 00:33:56 I've been listening. So I'm caught up. I can, I can just take it from the, uh, oh, the water part. Um, I actually, I better, well, even before, Speaker 0 00:34:04 Even before that, if you wanna add something to what I just said, Speaker 3 00:34:09 Um, oh, turning it, we did, when I put the C 60 on there, the molecule, the big, um, it's, it's the size of a soccer ball, basically, for those that are just visualizing this, and it fit, it's hollow, of course. So, um, and then it fit over it. But then I had to turn it a little bit like, 'cause I just kind of sat it down on there first and thinking it kind of, it, it, I don't know, zapped me so I could feel the energies. And then I turned it, and then it, it, they, I dunno, coalesced I guess is a good way of putting it. They became <inaudible>. Sorry about the beeping, everyone. I'm still having drama here in the background. Um, but the water thing, when I, um, drank the water, 'cause Nancy suggested I went over there and here's the best way to describe it. Speaker 3 00:34:51 So I picked up the, we'll just call it that, that water took a sip of it. And you know how you can feel water kind of going in you and going down and feeling good in your body. Okay, I felt that. But what I also felt was it going through my aura or energy body the same time. So, you know, those, those that are into reiki and, and other in, in healing modalities, um, will, you know, subtle energy, sometimes they're called. But it was in line with the water I was drinking. So as that water was like, you know, you could feel it going down physically in you and you feel the refreshing thing, which was phenomenal in its own on the three D, but I felt the metaphysical version as well. So that's what was unique about it. Speaker 2 00:35:32 Yeah. That was living water. You can, you can drink a gallon of it in a single sitting, and still your stomach feels empty because it's just pure energy. Speaker 3 00:35:41 Oh, uh, you're right. And then also, Nancy, remember I mentioned to you, I had a session yesterday with two people, and I'll just be vague, but, uh, um, uh, one of the, there were two ladies came in. Um, one was 77. Um, I'll just, again, you'll all know what I mean by this. So she got it. She was into the metaphysical, the daughter, um, I dunno, fifties was a non-believer. So, um, that's a, a thing that happens sometimes. So, you know, watching out for mom, good. I'll tell you <laugh>, by the end of the session, the daughter was getting signing up for another session already with me, um, to have it because there's, um, I believer after that. But what was neat, I didn't talk water or some guy water or say, Hey, this crazy stuff is going on here. It was a whole just normal session. Speaker 3 00:36:22 And they drank the entire, I like one gallon. In fact, in that photo, Nancy's pitch for water, they went through the entire thing and were talking about it as they left literally saying the best water they've ever drank in their life. So, and then they went over and bought some Shanghai beads as well. But, so that, yeah, it was very interesting. Again, I'm not seeing anyone talking about it. So it's, and still the beeps around here, everybody, um, I don't know, half of mystical wears this down. I got somebody in the back, Julissa actually is making some phone calls right now, um, figuring stuff out. So we'll see how this goes. Um, but I'll be here on the phone. Speaker 0 00:36:57 Okay, here, here's a question. Well, this is my observation, all right? That water that they were drinking was in fact the water that you didn't even make the change to until the next day. Understand what I'm saying? Speaker 3 00:37:14 Yep. I did. I was just, there's a pause when I hit mute on this, 'cause I'm on cell phone, but yes, you're accurate, Speaker 0 00:37:20 You know, and for people, what, what we're talking about is that one of the odd things about when you start studying about energy is that you, that linear time concept kind of like disappears because once you do it, it's done in all time, all places. And so it wasn't the regular water that they were drinking, it was this new water that he does. He didn't, he hadn't even made yet that they were Speaker 3 00:37:50 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And remember, Nancy, you asked me to, uh, check on Julissa. So long story short, Nancy, I was alone in my office back there, um, chatting with Nancy and we're going through all this. And Julissa was up here at where it was no, where I'm at now. The front desk area, the cash registers, we'll say, um, the entrance, no, had no idea. I was even on the phone with Nancy or what I was going, what I was doing back there. And I walk up <laugh> and I wish I could show you like a video of it. When I'm like looking at my head right now, I walk up and come around the corner, Mr. Goer to, to see her. She spins around and looks off to the right, looks at me, and she's kinda wide. I like going, what are you doing back there? You know, something to that, something going on, you know, what's going on? And I'm like, oh, yeah. I didn't exactly mention to her what I was doing or building. Well, 'cause I didn't know Nancy and I were doing it, you know? I definitely felt it. Um, and she's not here right now to have her. Sorry, I have her explained it. But, uh, but yeah, Nancy, so that's some feedback I never got to give you as far as check, uh, this before. Speaker 2 00:38:50 Well, you cut off so much. I have no idea what you said. Can Speaker 0 00:38:56 Somebody, but what he said, what he said is that Julissa was up in the front, uh, didn't know he was on the phone with me. He we're playing with all this energy. And I said to him, ask Julissa if she's feeling something. Because when he put the C 60 on top, the, the molecule image on top of the whole thing, all of a sudden I could perceive that everything in the mystical wars inventory had suddenly gone. It was just as, I mean, I, you know, I'm focusing on him and that one room. And then all of a sudden the whole building lit up. Everything Speaker 2 00:39:35 Woke up, <laugh> Speaker 0 00:39:37 Everything. Woke up, <laugh>. And I said, I said to him, ask Jul if she felt anything, because I felt, I believed that she was, she would've felt it too, you know? And, uh, so she's just confirming that yes, in fact she something, she felt something was happening. Um, and, and, and it was, it was a massive amount of downloading that I got at the time because I, I, I'm kind of familiar with the, the merchandise in that store. And I, it was like, everything I could think of was, had, had it had taken a leap, you know, ascension maybe, maybe the minerals had ascended. I don't know what it was, but there was, there was this, and it's, and it's a pure, it's that cohesiveness. It's, it's, the energies aren't scattered. They're, they're coming together. They're working in unison. And it was like, whoa. You know what an amazing, Speaker 2 00:40:34 Well, they, they all got purified all at once. Because that's one of the things, when you're buying minerals, you don't, you don't know where they're coming from. You don't know who's, everyone who's handled those minerals left an imprint in the minerals. That's why I, I always use the rose technique to purify whatever minerals I put into the devices, because they come in just from human contact, they get, you know, forget about spell work or black magic or No, it's just, just from human contact. They, they come full of, of stuff. So you want to clear that out. Uh, whatever happened, cleared all <laugh>, all, all your inventory got cleared all at once. Speaker 0 00:41:12 <laugh>. Well, yeah, it was like, it went back to a pristine energy force. You know, it to the basic, you know, like, okay, like, like the, like the, uh, I'm trying to think of which one. Uh, okay. The, the, an agate, it was an ag, it was Jasper. Okay. I somehow got involved with the Jasper, Jasper is the dragon, I think. But anyway, I got involved looking at this thing, and it was like, I felt like it was back to the energy, the pure energy that Gaia imbued in that thing to the, in the beginning, if that makes sense. Speaker 2 00:41:51 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:41:52 Okay. So, um, but Speaker 2 00:41:55 That's, that's why many, there are people that have this negative reaction to certain stones and crystals, and they say, oh, I don't like such and such because I had such a, but in, they're not making the connection, that they're not reacting to the energy of the crystal. They're reacting to who's ever touched them, especially in store. People walk around browsing and they're touching everything. So you're reacting to all that energy buildup. What you want to do is purify them and clean them, and then you're gonna feel the real crystal, not whatever people left behind. Speaker 0 00:42:28 Well, you, you know how we talk about the, um, uh, quantum entanglement of every piece of s shungite with a mother load uhhuh <affirmative>. If one, one piece of s shungite changes some mother load changes and every other piece associated with it. Well, now I believe that maybe that's true for every mineral, because what we're talking about now, this, this concept of, you know, energy associated with something, um, I w I was in a mis uh, when I first started out, I was in this crystal shop, and there was a bowl full of just tumbled, uh, rocks in there. And so I'm, I'm picking 'em up and I'm touching 'em. And all of a sudden I didn't even touch it. I focused on a citrine, a tumbled citrine. And I went into an immediate state of absolute terror. And I'm, I'm like, what the hell just happened to me? Speaker 0 00:43:25 And I could see this energy, this dark, awful energy associated with it. And, you know, so I was like, uh, I don't even know what to think about this. But gradually, you know, every time I'd look at it, it was less and less of this, this tech, because I go in that shop all the time, and I underst then I, of course, I researched right away what's citri stuff? And, you know, there was no reasoning why I should have seen this darkness, this, this awfulness. But then I'm watching television and they're doing a show on the, uh, Jewish priests, and they showed the breastplate, and sure enough, there was a citrine in it. And all of a sudden I'm like, boom. And I can see this thing. I, I, it was like a remote, like I got a spontaneous remote remember or something. But all of a sudden I'm, I'm like this little person in front of this big man that's got this big shield thing on. Speaker 0 00:44:26 And all I can see is that citrine. And I'm in a state of complete terror, okay? Because he was a priest, and whoever I was had done something bad and was about to get sentenced or whatever. But, you know, it was like, oh wow, that, you know, that experience taught me a lot about a lot of things. But, uh, I wonder now when you, when when you make it, when there's a historical change, like something being used in a breastplate, uh, of, of dominance and control, that's what all that, um, the, it was an energy device, um, that it affected all the citrine at some point, at some level. Maybe they all, I mean, because to watch that shop just go boom and, you know, be in this pristine energy that they started with millions of years ago, probably billions of years ago. So there's, there's so much more. Speaker 0 00:45:23 And what I'm again pushing here is we learned so much from just letting our imaginations and our listening do this, do that. I mean, the, the fact that all of those pieces fit, fit together so perfectly, i i, is pretty astounding. But, um, so, um, I, I watched Derek take this water and I can see, you know, that he's, and I said to him, I said, Derek, please, I want you to go deeper than you normally go. You go to the molecule level. I want you to go deeper. I want you to look at the D N A and tell me what you're seeing. And because I felt that whatever this water was doing to him was working at the d n A level. And I honestly, I'm trying to bring it back exactly as normally I can remember these things pretty exact. But, um, I'm not exactly sure what he said, what his words were, but what he was des what he described to me was what I was seeing. Speaker 0 00:46:25 And it was this, uh, it was like the, again, the, the, the, the pristine, the, the d n A was taken back to a pristine kind of a, of a structure, but then something else was happening to it. And all of a sudden I'm going like, why asked? I said, whoa, whoa. What's that about? And I get back crystalline, crystalline. And so I said to Derek, I said, I'm not, I said, what I'm getting here is that this, because, I mean, I don't know if it's true or not, but they've been talking about this, you know, d n a turning into a, like a li liquid crystal, like water itself is a liquid crystal. And, um, I said, it feels to me like that it, it's, it that something happened that set your body into a, a position where it is now ready to make that shift. You haven't made that shift, but there's some, this is something that's kind of cleaning you up in order to make the shift. And so then I was jealous. He's, he's having this amazing thing. And I said, uh, okay. And I took the picture. Let me see. Yasmine put 'em up here. I think it was the last one she put into chat. Yeah, the last one. No, that's the honey one. Oops. Speaker 2 00:47:49 I have the one you you're looking for. If you want me to put it up. Speaker 0 00:47:52 Yeah, re repost it. Okay. Okay. Please. Thank you. Okay. So not only did he, this came over the phone. Okay, I had this in front of me. And this particular picture, I want you to really look at it because it's a perfect picture. It's not just a picture of a device. It's a perfect picture. Because the point of that resin thing that he made is such that you can see, I can, every time I look at it, I see a cube. It's got a dimensionality to it. It's not just the point of it. It's again, it's second sighting, but it's a cube. And I went, wow, that is just, I was so impressed with, with that picture. It's has hexagram after hexagram. And I said, uh ha. So I went and got a glass of water. Well, it's a, it's in a small, it's a small glass, four ounces, and it's got a rubber cover over it. 'cause I only like to it out a gra glass, but I tip these things on the floor a lot, so, you know, so, and I got it nice and dry and I stuck it on top of my phone with the picture there. Okay. And instantaneously I felt the shift in the water. So, Speaker 4 00:49:11 Hey Nancy, I did the same thing when you sent me the photo. Speaker 0 00:49:15 I, I, that's what I was just gonna say. I said, so before I tell you what I thought happened, I want Yasmine to tell me, because I didn't really talk to you. I told you to do it, but I never did hear what you felt. Speaker 4 00:49:26 Yeah, I did it. So I, I didn't even print off the picture 'cause I was at work and didn't have access to a color printer, but I just pulled up the image that you sent me on my phone and just got a glass of water and put it on there. And then I drank it and it just, yeah. Hard, hard to describe. Um, but it, it felt like Speaker 2 00:49:50 You can't get enough of it. Speaker 4 00:49:52 Yeah, it felt like an elixir. I mean, it was, I mean, obviously the s shungite water always tastes differently, but, um, this was a whole nother level. Um, but before I forget, there was a picture or a question in the chat about the black obelisk on top of the Surrey resonator. Um, what somebody wanted to know what that was Speaker 2 00:50:20 That's made of resin. It, uh, Derek made it, it has a, a copper pipe inside. Speaker 4 00:50:26 Oh, okay. All right. So it's not a stone then? Speaker 2 00:50:32 No, not a stone. Speaker 0 00:50:33 It's, it's, it's, it's silver. Its silver Sean guide. It's silver in the, Speaker 4 00:50:40 Okay, cool. Speaker 0 00:50:41 And then there's a copper pipe, what is it, a quarter inch co pipe that goes up straight through it? Speaker 3 00:50:48 Yeah. Yep. All the way up to the very tip. That's why if you look at the downward shot, you'll see that copper top. Speaker 0 00:50:54 Do you, do you have, do you have that, do you have that original picture when you put it on there where you can see the pipe sort of underneath the point? Speaker 3 00:51:02 I think I shared it in type chat, didn't I? Speaker 0 00:51:06 Oh, oh, that's right. You're not on your computer. I'm sorry. No, Speaker 3 00:51:09 But I can still, I'm still sharing on my phone. I'm sitting up front, which is where all this beeping is. But I'm, I'm looking my phone down to add it again, but so, so let go ahead. Speaker 0 00:51:20 All right. So then Walt, I told you to do the same thing. Only you had a printer and you printed out the picture. Yep. What, what was your experience and your mom's? 'cause your mom Speaker 2 00:51:32 Explain. Well, I, I, I did what I normally do for when I put for people's pictures, I, I print both the positive and the negative. So you have a complete, what do you call it? You have the complete equation for that material manifestation. So I put positive over the negative and then, uh, put a glass of water, uh, and, uh, let it sit there for maybe like 10 minutes. And my mom had the same experience I had when you tasted it, it tastes like M state water. Uh, I made, I don't use it anymore because when Shanghai came, uh, made an appearance, you know, everything changed. But, uh, from the work of, uh, of, of Victor Shoberg, I made a water trap that allows you to separate living water from dead water. You have to waste a lot of water because the, the living water comes out as a little trickle, whereas the rest comes out as the normal flow out of the faucet. Speaker 2 00:52:34 And when, uh, when you deal, when you're dealing with living water, it behaves completely different from regular water. Because, for example, living water is viscous. It, it has a texture, like a very light oil. Uh, when you put it on a container, even if it's a glass container that is perfectly cleaned, it clings to the sides of the, of the glass as if it were oil. Uh, you, you taste it and you never fill <laugh>. You drink an entire gallon sitting down in one sitting, and still your stomach feels empty. It's like, it's pure energy. It just goes straight into your whole body. It doesn't have to go through your digestive track. Um, so it, it is very, they call it m state water, and that's what's considered living water. Uh, Victor Shoberg would classify these two waters. One is, uh, Caris was the dead stagnant water. Speaker 2 00:53:38 Oxygen is, was the living water. Uh, that's the, uh, one of the things about it is like when you, when you freeze it, uh, it, it is a para, it's, it's what? Magnetic meaning that it, it reflects back to a magnet. It's own, it's own. If you put a positive, I mean, uh, north Pole on it, the water becomes north, north Pole, or the ice of that water becomes North Pole. So it reflects back to a, a magnet, uh, the, the polarities. So, so it's, it's has a amazing properties and it's, it's living water. I mean, that's what, uh, Victor Shoberg defined as living water. And this thing tastes exactly the same. The the taste of it, whatever the water tasted before you put it on the picture, that taste is gone. It's now this very light and smooth and soft. And, uh, you just want more because you can't get enough of it. <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:54:37 Okay. You, you need to test out the wa can you test out the water to see if it conforms to the testing that would be done on sh that guy's name, whatever his name is, Sheerenberg. If, if, Speaker 2 00:54:51 Oh no, no, Shoberg, what kind of test do you want? You, well, Speaker 0 00:54:55 I know you said that there was p polarity changes. Is that something you can test? Speaker 2 00:55:01 Well, no, not, you have to put it through, uh, uh, when you make a water trap, I made a water trap. I based it, uh, of the blue blueprints from, uh, an experimenter that the, the trap combined, all three factors of there are physical factors to living water compared to dead water. Uh, for example, living water is centripetal. You know, when you have a, a whirlpool or you're, uh, you have the, the the, uh, uh, the, the, what do you call it? The, uh, the water cycle in, uh, in the, in the, in the, in the clothes washer, you know, the spin cycle that is centrifugal force. You know, it, it throws out all the water. Well, living water is actually centrifugal. When you have a water spinning at high philosophy, living li living water actually goes in. It doesn't go out. Another factor is that it moves against the, uh, for, it moves against the, the pool of gravity. Speaker 2 00:56:08 Living water tends to float away. And, you know, it moves away from the center of the earth because of gravity. Uh, so when you combine these, these factors, uh, you, you, you make a water trap because you're, you're making the water spin, you're collecting the water from the center of the spin, because living water goes to the center and you're collecting the water that's coming out of the top where all the, the rest of the dead water comes outta the bottom. So by combining those two factors, you get to separate the waters. That's how, that's how I did. I did it. It's called a water drop. Speaker 0 00:56:47 Well, my feeling is, is that, okay, so you, you, you, you Yasmine used her phone. I used my phone. You used a picture and mm-hmm. <affirmative>. I, I don't know about the back, the positive and negative stuff you said, but I think it just, the picture would do it too. But the weird thing is here is that after I, the Speaker 2 00:57:08 Water changed taste immediately, <laugh>, like you said, <laugh> Speaker 0 00:57:11 Instantaneously. But what happened was that the water that I subjected to the phone picture had three nuggets of silver saturated s shungite in it, and the silver saturated beads that he sells in the glass. So now I don't have to go and get the phone and put the thing on there because the s shungite has picked up the frequency. And every time I've poured anymore in there, it's the same living water. And if I'm right, every pe everybody out there that's got Shungite water is now s shungite living water because of the quantum entanglement. Speaker 2 00:57:58 Yeah. It's not affected by distance or time. Speaker 0 00:58:01 No. Or time. And as soon as, as soon as my s shungite water, my s shungite in the water felt the charge, every piece of ss shungite responded. And I don't even know if you can test it out to see what's happened to it now, because the last time you tested it, it was so far off the scale that you and Nick didn't even believe it. I didn't understand exactly what you're talking about, but I knew it was a, a huge, huge number. So I don't know if you can even go beyond what you saw that time. Speaker 2 00:58:36 Well, one of the things, the way that I'm seeing this is that this was a, a much needed, uh, change in the water. Because if our bodies are changing, you know, this, this whole process of ascension symptoms, and we are whole bodies are changing dimensionally, okay? The first ingredient is the water has to be changed because our bodies are what, mostly water. So you change the water and you're immediately changing our bodies, which is what we need. That's, that's, you know, that's how it begins. It begins with the water. So you change the water, you change your bodies. Imagine like you have, not only you and I have explained, but how many people have experimented? I mean, so many people, I've heard them say that they don't like drinking water because, oh, when I drink water, it's, I, I feel like a stone falling in my stomach. Speaker 2 00:59:30 Well, that's what you're feeling because the water you're drinking is dead water. It's, it's horrible. You drink a glass and maybe a half hour has passed and you still feel the weight of that glass of water in your stomach is like, is like, there's a stone inside of you because it doesn't go anywhere. It doesn't have any energy. So little by little it finally goes through your digestive tract. But it's, it's horrible. So a lot of people are addicted to soft drinks because they're able to test it, and they, they're, they think that, okay, that's, that's, that's okay. I can taste it all. Soft drink. Well, unfortunately, there's other negatives to it. Uh, but that's, that's one of the reasons a lot of people don't drink water because they don't like the taste of it. Well, I don't blame them. There's no energy. You know, after, after going through miles and miles of pipe work, the water is, is as good as dead. That's why I made the water resonator. So at least you, you, the water has energy charge to it. And now the the, you have a more efficient way of doing it. Speaker 0 01:00:34 Yeah, yeah. Now, now we're, you know, so people out there, if you're suddenly feeling really fine <laugh>, you know, pay attention to what you're doing. You're drinking the shungite water you might be for the first time in your life, drinking live pure, pristine water from Gaia's original. Like Speaker 2 01:00:54 I said, you said you need a test first test, drink a full glass and tell me what you feel in your stomach. That's the, that's your definitive, that's your body telling you, oh, this, I love this. This is living water. If you're drinking it and you feel like there's a rock sitting there that's stagnant dead water Speaker 0 01:01:14 And report back to us. <laugh>. Take a break here. Speaker 3 01:01:17 Oh, I've got those results. I literally have hundreds of clients now, Nancy, that have said that without me telling them about it or like building it up. It's, it's incredible the numbers. So even if I was a vague non-believer, that's so far out the window. It's insane. Um, on just the comments I get on a daily basis. Speaker 0 01:01:36 On the water. Speaker 3 01:01:39 On the water. Yeah. On the water. Exactly. Yeah. Speaker 0 01:01:44 All right. We're Speaker 3 01:01:45 Gonna, and they'll drink. The people will drink the whole picture. We're Speaker 0 01:01:50 Going to, um, take a break here. This is Craig Stewart <inaudible>. We the people. We'll be right back. Speaker 6 01:03:09 The movement of the people Speaker 5 01:03:11 Is Speaker 6 01:03:12 Coming. Speaker 5 01:03:14 Everything's Speaker 6 01:03:15 Gonna be okay. The movement of the people is coming. It's never gonna go away. Now's our time, our time to work together to create justice for each and every person. The people are coming. Speaker 0 01:05:07 And welcome back to Shun Reality is July 19th, 2022. My name is Nancy Hopkins. With me is Derek Conant, Walt Silva, Yasmine West, and Mark Joseph. We haven't even talked to during this whole first hour, but I'm hoping you're still here. Mark, you still with us on the call? Speaker 8 01:05:26 Yeah, I've been participating in chat asking about that water in the images. Speaker 0 01:05:32 Okay. So what are you thinking? You got any comments or questions? Speaker 8 01:05:37 Uh, it was, it was just, um, so between the two images, uh, what was it? So we don't need to put the water on top of these images. Right? It's already in the regular sung guide. The sung guide grid. Speaker 0 01:05:51 Uh, I think so, yes. I don't know. Ask. Well, Walt, you could ask your pendulum. And Derek, what do you think? Speaker 2 01:05:59 What's the question? Speaker 0 01:06:02 Did it, is the, what I said about the Shungite nuggets. Now every piece of shungite now has the ability to make the water super wonderful. Speaker 4 01:06:14 So just to chime in, um, Nancy, I'm sipping on my glass thermos here with the, the s shungite water beads that Derek's, uh, makes. And it tastes exactly the same as the water that I put on the, um, the picture. So Speaker 0 01:06:36 Isn't neurology wonderful? It's Speaker 2 01:06:39 Everyone says yes. Speaker 4 01:06:41 <laugh> Speaker 0 01:06:41 Pendulum says yes. Yep. Okay. So the answer's yes there, mark. Speaker 8 01:06:48 Yeah. 'cause there were, there were two pictures, or actually three where you could put water on top of, you know, there's one, there's one with, uh, scalor honey, and then that, uh, configuration or two versions of it. So I suppose one could just transpose an image of that in the water, or how does that work? Speaker 0 01:07:11 Well, if you <inaudible>, it's in the water. It's happened. Speaker 8 01:07:15 Right? Right. Speaker 0 01:07:17 Okay. Now, if, if you sat down with a wa glass of water before you heard this conversation, all right, it's likely that that water was what you thought it was. You know, this shungite water, but you don't know because did it change everything? 'cause we're now talking about it. So now you're aware of it. Wow. Maybe I should take another sip of this. What's happening, because part of the learning of ent neurology is the ability you gotta engage your imagination. Once you eng engage, gauge your imagination, that's when the manifestation starts to happen. So, by us talking about it, we're reinforcing it, and we're reinforcing it in the idea of anybody that listens to the show. And so they reinforce it. So it, it, it just is a perpetual energy. Well, you keep putting more energy into it. And so everything about Shanghai just keeps getting, you know, more energetic and apparently all of the minerals in the world. I think this is why Gaia was so, it was so important to, to, to marry up the, the resonator Syria, and with the, with the cloud buster itself. But it was also, uh, I'm telling you, the grounding of these systems now, the energy that is being engaged by their operation is purifying everything in the planet. Speaker 2 01:08:56 I just, they have been blocking the atmosphere for how many decades they've been spraying crap in the atmosphere to block out the sunlight. It was 2005 when Dr. Costas says that that was the purpose of it, of the, uh, spraying, is that they wanted to block out the sunlight because the sunlight has the power to change us. Sunlight was actually making us evolve. They didn't want us to evolve, so they wanted to block as much energy as possible. They succeeded, I guess, because they really slowed down people waking up. Speaker 0 01:09:30 Well, you know, it goes back to that concept that Anastasia also said, but I had heard it from, uh, indigenous peoples about they would talk about the black sun. And, you know, the, as you go through the, the movement through the, through the galaxy, that the energies all change. That's why we're in the proton belt. It's a totally different energy field. But the same thing happens when you're just in the solar system itself. And the, you, you, you change your relationship with how, how you, you, you're, you're configured with all the other planets and the sun. So by blocking out the sun to, for human beings, you're cutting the human being the population off from, you know, one of the, the main, probably the main source of evolution, because the sun is changing as we want the going in the galactic circle, you know, as you get to this point, you're in the proton belt. Speaker 0 01:10:33 The sun is being gobbling up all this energy, and it is, it's carbon, it's, it's it's waves and waves of carbon coming off of the central sun, which is a black hole. Okay. And it's just because a black hole, yes, we see light sucking into it and stuff, but it's also expelling a tremendous amount of carbon energy. And so you've got the, the energy you're picking up from, from the sun is changing the sun. And if you've got stuff in the air that isn't allowing it to get to, to the planet, then the planet is stagnating. We're just, Hey. Yeah. Speaker 4 01:11:12 Um, have you ever sun charged your water? Just put your water out in a glass container and let the sun absorb it? Speaker 0 01:11:24 No. Speaker 4 01:11:25 Okay. So I, I know people who do this to kind of structure the water and shrink the molecule so that they're better absorbed by the body. And you know, I, I got away from doing that once I learned about s shungite. But to me, I'm, I'm still sitting here tasting the water and analyzing it. To me it tastes exactly like sun charged water. Sorry, just wanted to add that. 'cause I feels like it's definitely absorbing the sun's energy. Speaker 0 01:12:03 Well, as you taste it, you can feel the texture change to it. Speaker 4 01:12:07 Yeah. And I usually feel that already with the ss shungite, but there's, there's almost a little bit more of a sweetness to it, which is what you get when you sun charge your water. Speaker 0 01:12:23 I have had it because I have a friend that makes tea sun charged. She puts the tea bags in the water and leaves it out in the sun. Speaker 4 01:12:31 Yeah. Speaker 0 01:12:32 And she does have the best iced tea I've ever had. <laugh>. Speaker 4 01:12:35 Yeah. Comes out nice that way. <laugh>. Speaker 3 01:12:39 You guys might wanna take a look at what I'm sharing in chat right now. I'm trying to adjust. I took one of our copper, in fact, that first one that Yasmine has, and she has the first one of those. I don't even, I'm having trouble speaking right now. It's tweaking my head. The pendants, the copper pendants with the SS four powder under 'em and all that. I stuck one on the tip of this thing. Lemme I catch my breath. Oh, I know. And I'm, it's like, oh my gosh, this whole room here, I'm trying to even focus here. Um, pressure wise, it's like moving. I was gonna try and ask Walt if I can get my, uh, wherewithal to take the pendulum and see if he can get any kind of input on, I don't wanna direct him which way on this. But I added a little Bucky Ball pendants, um, on the top of it. And my whole body's sitting here just like shaking and tingling. Not physically. 'cause I'm, I'm literally looking at my hand, right? I'm like, 'cause it feels like it is so much that I thought my hand must be shaking, but it's not. It's dead. Still. Speaker 4 01:13:36 Careful, Derek. You don't wanna blow a fuse Speaker 3 01:13:39 <laugh>. I know. I just came back on, I just spent the last 10 minutes running around the store, powering everything up, and I looked at this pendant sitting here. I'd went off a chain. I'm like, oh, let's put it on there. And I'm still not done shaking. That is really, so I uploaded those photos for those in chat. You can see 'em. Speaker 2 01:13:57 That's a, I don't need the pendant for that. That's a concentrator. You're taking the output of the, uh, the output of the, um, of the, of the black Shanghai rod. You have the, the Shanghai wand, and you're focusing inside this following. So that's, that's a concentrator. That's you, you're actually taking all that energy and you're focusing it, uh, and, uh, into this ball. So now you have like, like a laser beam of organ. It's your job to direct it where you want to go. Either you can project it through one single phase of those, uh, of all the phases on that, uh, following or all of the phase at once. But that's a, that's a concentrator. In fact, that's what I wanted to talk to you about today on Argon Oregon concentrator. Speaker 3 01:14:44 That's interesting. Yeah. You're Speaker 2 01:14:46 Already there. <laugh>, if you Speaker 3 01:14:47 Look at that picture, the zoomed in one Walt, and I didn't do it. I didn't sit there and line these, I didn't have my glasses on. I just realized all the hexagons, even the copper pipe in the black, um, hexagon, uh, crystal point I made is lined up to the multilayers in there. I didn't do that on purpose, by the way. Oh, wow. Oh, I was just focusing on that. It's got a huge zap. Sorry, this is on air. People. I don't usually can't stop that. That's interesting. Hmm. So anyway, somebody else can talk about what, Speaker 0 01:15:19 What I, what I find interesting in that picture is that, um, again, why, why it's lighting. But you know, why is the lighting doing this? It it's dimensional. I mean, I can look into that top hexagon, which is for some reason much brighter. And then there's a second one underneath it. And it's like, it's like you're looking in a mirror with a mirror behind, you know, two there. It keeps going deeper and deeper. The dang thing is if it is a photograph, but it looks multi-dimensional. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, Speaker 2 01:15:53 Yeah. Speaker 3 01:15:53 Oh, it's absolutely. Yeah. Speaker 2 01:15:54 It's, it is complimenting, you know, the resonator puts out light be, that's why all the, you have all the reflective glass inside because it's multiplying the light output. So add all the components together. <laugh>, thank you. Have a tremendous source of etheric light, multi layer upon layer upon layer. <laugh>. Speaker 4 01:16:17 I think these will make excellent drink coasters. <laugh>, Speaker 2 01:16:21 <laugh>. Speaker 0 01:16:24 Wow. Just take Speaker 4 01:16:25 A laminate the picture. Speaker 0 01:16:28 I agree. Speaker 4 01:16:29 Put 'em around your table and Oh, Speaker 3 01:16:32 That's a great idea. Speaker 4 01:16:33 Yeah. Charge your food and drinks <laugh>. Speaker 3 01:16:36 You hear me from a ways away. 'cause I'm over here working on it right now. Mark, put a suggestion in chat so I'm lining up as I speak. If you can hear me. And I'm gonna get a photo of the, uh, shungite honey jar. Oh man. That, that is crazy. And if I'm saying it's crazy strong, that's something. 'cause I deal with all kinds of stuff. I was just leaning over it again. Not I'm chatting with you guys. I'm, I thinking about what I'm doing. I'm lining these up and I gotta tone my head down. I keep leaning, leaning my head over the top of it, is what I'm telling you. Um, if I can get my wherewithal now, lemme try and take this photo, I guess live on the air, um, and see what, how this thing comes out. Um, whoa, this is hard to hold. Okay, I think I got it. Oh, I gotta sit down. I, um, I'll send this. I dunno. I'll get in chat. Some of you guys can keep chatting. I'll get this going right now. Um, I don't, Speaker 0 01:17:34 I can chat. I'm staring into this thing. <laugh>. Speaker 3 01:17:38 Yeah. And I'll get this new image up here with this young guy, honey around it. Oh my gosh. That is, I don't know how to describe this feeling every time I get over it. It's good, by the way, but it's like super true. Well, you know what? Well, I'll tell you, I have no, and I don't <laugh> I hate to say this live on here. I have no back or shoulder pain. I have an issue, so I don't wanna get into too much personal stuff here. But I see putting my arm in my shoulder such, and I'm broad shoulder so it causes pain on my shoulder because it's just hyper stretching kind of thing. Um, so usually I have a shoulder issue. I gotta get off. It's gone right now. It's just something I just noticed while I'm doing this. Um, lemme see the email. I'm trying to get this in chat now. I'm still like buzzing. And I'll tell you physical energy too. Not just a, the, it's just not like, and I'd say, huh, my whole face is tingling. That's another thing. Here comes the image. By the way. They're come in the chat and this is the s shung guy. So that same device we've been chatting about for those listening later, but wow. Uh, but with the Shanghai honey around it, Speaker 4 01:18:46 I'm feeling an energy shift too. Just fyi. <laugh>. Speaker 3 01:18:52 Yeah. Yeah. Everything Speaker 4 01:18:53 Just kinda lightened up all of a sudden. Speaker 3 01:18:56 I hope that image now it's in chat. And if you zoom in enough is a good enough. I'm, I'm kind of off zoom. I was having trouble standing there, so it's not centered. I'll get another one that we can share again. Ooh. I almost need to hang on to something while I'm doing that. That's really odd. I will get another photo so that we can keep, um, a really, but you, Speaker 2 01:19:15 You, in this photo, you removed the middle fulling? Speaker 3 01:19:19 No, it's on top. Both are there. So there's two of 'em, A little tiny one. And I'm gonna try to center this better. I'm, well, let's see if I can do it. I'm gonna try it right now. Speaker 0 01:19:32 You might wanna get a side picture to show that it's all, you know. Speaker 3 01:19:40 Yeah, I'll do that. I'll get one right now. Um, now when we, Speaker 0 01:19:43 When we first talked, when you first, first put the, the honey along, like you've got it now. Um, my feeling was that the honey wasn't affecting the energies, but that, that honey was being affected by the energies. But now with this new addition to it, it does seem like there's a, an inter an exchange between the energies of the honey and the device. Do you know what Speaker 3 01:20:12 I'm saying? I'm logging in right now. I'm uploading them Dropbox right as we speak. And I'll have 'em in just a minute on the website. Oh, wow. Your whole chest. So it's waist up. So if you're into the woo woo stuff, upper chakras absolutely having an effect on I'm thicker. I know this is gonna sound weird. Um, my aura, not so not me, but my aura feels more tangible or thicker. If that's a thing. And I know it's an odd way of describing it, but Speaker 2 01:20:40 You just, you, you just increase the density. That's why you, you can't help but feel that Speaker 3 01:20:48 It is very, very interesting. And I'm still, I'm waiting for these uploads. Speaker 0 01:20:51 What do you mean by that? Walt increase the density. Speaker 2 01:20:55 Yes. It, his, the field is more dense. His Speaker 0 01:21:00 Body field is Speaker 2 01:21:01 When we're, remember when we're, when we're a hundred percent material, uh, we are practically made of empty space. The space between atoms is gigantic, is like the space between stars. So as you increase in energy, you become more dense. Oh, that's, that's why you can have, you can, you can have a, a ghostly apparitions that are practically solid because they can do that. They, depending on the, you know, o o obviously on the level of maturity in that particular soul, doing that manifestation. That's why they, they, they are tangible. They can make things move. They can touch things because it's all, it's all energy. When we are material, we're practically <laugh> walking bags of emptiness. <laugh>, we're not made of much. Speaker 3 01:21:56 I'll tell you what. Well, then I won't get offended that you called me Dent. Speaker 2 01:22:00 <laugh>. It, that word is, has changed many, uh, connotation. Definitely. That's not a bad word anymore. Not in this, in this sense. Speaker 0 01:22:19 So we're all gotten denser. That's interesting. Speaker 3 01:22:24 I'm still waiting on these photos, so I'm trying to do what I can do here to get more of 'em going. More centered ones looks like. But I'm still sitting here shaking too. It's Oh, and, um, just f y i, Issa just walked in. So she joined us, Nancy, in case you wanted to ask anything about when we put this together. Speaker 0 01:22:40 Yeah. Issa, when we were playing with this yesterday, there was a massive change that I detected through the store. And I said, check with Jes. Julissa. Did she feel it? What did you feel? Because he said you did feel something. Speaker 9 01:22:55 Oh, yes. And I didn't know he was in the office playing around, uh, or building what he was doing. I was just, I was up front working, but I was sitting there and I was like, oh, there's a, a lot of energy. I was like, it, it, it felt heavy, but I was like, heavy is not the right word. It was just very strong energy having to like, recalibrate. So it was just like, Ooh, hold on. For, to whatever is happening right now. Like, it wa it wasn't a bad feeling, it wasn't a great feeling, having to adjust, uh, I'd say. But it feels good. And, uh, I've been running around the store, uh, cleaning up and, you know, getting things ready. And I've been listening to Derek on the radio and I had to come see what he was building now <laugh>. But yeah. Um, that density, I guess it, I guess we feel a little bit more solid or whole. Sometimes we have like a disconnected feeling. It, it's really hard to describe. So, but I know, I, I can feel it while is trying to describe with the feeling of density, um, I guess more grounded. But Speaker 0 01:24:03 When you were, when you were walking around now, do you feel like there's been a change to the minerals in the, in the store? How long were you listening to the radio show? 'cause we did talk about this. It's almost like they defaulted to the, to their pristine state of energy. That's what I detected when we were putting this thing together. Speaker 9 01:24:25 Yeah. Like, everything's just kinda, um, being cleared and rebalancing, recharging. So yes, that's true for us. I would think that the crystals as well. Um, 'cause yeah, we've been trying to clear out a lot of energies that are not, I guess, in alignment. So, Speaker 0 01:24:46 Congratulations Derek Speaker 9 01:24:49 <laugh>. Speaker 0 01:24:49 You got the picture up? Speaker 3 01:24:51 I'm, I, exactly. I'm trying. Yeah. So there's a couple of 'em. There's still a little wonky slightly, so maybe I'll take photos or something. Who knows? <laugh>. Speaker 0 01:25:00 Oh, that was the other thing. You kept having problems with your camera as we, as we were, you we were trying. Speaker 3 01:25:06 Yeah. It was like pausing. I don't even know what, there's not a word for it, but Speaker 9 01:25:10 We've been having lots of glitches in the matrix. <laugh>, Speaker 3 01:25:13 Yeah. Speaker 9 01:25:15 Electronics. And now with the power outage, I'm like, oh my goodness, we can't make this stuff up. People. It's crazy. <laugh> just keep Speaker 3 01:25:23 Keep working through it. Yeah. And then people walking in some we can talk about some we can't. But I mean, yeah, just the stuff is, like I said, it, it's almost, I wish this place could be on camera like 24 7 and that would never do that for privacy reasons, but Oh my gosh. It's, it's straight up. Unbelievable. Better than any reality or, uh, make believe show you'd see online. Yeah. Speaker 0 01:25:43 Um, I think you need to adjust the, uh, honey jars. Speaker 3 01:25:50 Do you want to go? Oh, Speaker 9 01:25:51 I see what she's talking about. Speaker 3 01:25:52 Yeah. Speaker 0 01:25:53 You feel it. I mean, it's because I'm detecting that, that they're, they're off kilter, that they're not completely Speaker 3 01:25:59 They are. She found them and they are. 'cause I wasn't paying attention. I was trying to, again, I was looking over the things getting, I dunno how to tell you that. So, like, trying to work underwater or something. Just, well, Speaker 9 01:26:08 Now we're gonna have to change our labeling. Speaker 3 01:26:10 Oh. To align with that. Yeah. Actually she is, so she's lining the, all the symbols. If you zoom in on the jars now, because there, of course there the triangle, the, the hexagons, all of it going on in the C 16 molecule now, even though, oh, you're ringing my ears. She literally just lined up the last door and my ears just ring. Speaker 9 01:26:28 All the labels are off. So we're gonna have to fix that. Speaker 3 01:26:31 Okay. With Speaker 9 01:26:32 The scalar, um, scalar stickers. Speaker 3 01:26:35 You ring my right ear. That's the one I, and well behind. We're chatting about everything, I guess I secretly put out in some sessions. If you're touching my right ear, it's kind of a big deal. I call it my high definition ear. Um, so if you're even remotely, you know, flinging frequencies that way, it's, it's kind of a big deal from my perspective. And that's what just happened, is the only reason I'm bringing it up. Um, 'cause as she turned the last one, I was looking at the microphone, trying to direct my voice that way. Glanced over as she turned it, it was literally like she was turning a knob on my ear. Um, it was odd, serene. So I've got a low, it's still going. That's interesting. So there's a, a, I don't know, another layer of energy in, uh, it's messing with me. It's a spect in the head. Uh, it's connecting through my ears. That's really weird. Why don't you just talk, I guess, here. Speaker 9 01:27:21 Um, oh man. Well, I can't talk about weight <laugh>. Well, I feel what you're feeling, but not as, uh, Speaker 3 01:27:26 It's not bad. Uh, it's just like, I'm really <crosstalk>, Speaker 0 01:27:29 You know, 1, 1, 1 of the weird things about what we building here is that in all my decades of working with energy, you did not have to be precise. If you could get, get a vague presentation of whatever signaling you were getting in your head, it would work. But in these devices, how many times have I said to, to you, you know, no, you gotta adjust that. Or you gotta adjust that. It's like they really are specifically and very, very detailed in what it's tuned. I mean, we had to tune every aspect of it. Remember? I mean, I had you change the, uh, the, the original, uh, little, uh, cloud busters. Speaker 3 01:28:12 Yeah. Speaker 0 01:28:13 So the detail that they're requiring in these devices is very interesting. Speaker 2 01:28:19 So Derek just invented a new business instead of an opium den. It's an energy den. Speaker 3 01:28:24 Yeah. Yes. Yeah. You can use it remotely too. That's the beauty. Speaker 9 01:28:29 Wait, so yesterday, were you doing that before? No. You weren't here yet. Speaker 3 01:28:36 Was sorry, before what? One part. Speaker 9 01:28:39 When certain individuals came in? Speaker 3 01:28:41 Not initially, and Speaker 9 01:28:42 Then they came back after you had built Speaker 3 01:28:43 For that to be built. <laugh>. Good for you. Ah, you can tell 'em that. Tell 'em whenever you wanna tell 'em about it. Speaker 9 01:28:48 I don't really know how. So we have people come in that are just brought in and ener, they just feel the energy. They're brought here that they, there's something that they need to learn or need help with. That's like, like all day, every day. Uh, people coming in, sometimes they're aware of it. A lot of times they're not aware of it. Uh, there's a certain individual that was here, right. Um, a few minutes before opening and let them in. And, uh, they describe themselves as like, they're, gosh, I don't wanna give out too much information Speaker 3 01:29:21 Too. I know it's tough talking Speaker 9 01:29:22 About this. Um, not a channel, but almost like they're stationed getting in a bunch of different channels at once, needing help to, um, not have so much input coming in. But this person was very aware person, uh, very big energies. And like, I, I almost feel like almost, uh, could be another team player. Speaker 3 01:29:46 Yeah. I needed his frequencies attenuated or attuned, I would say. They were kind of all over the place. Yes. All over Speaker 9 01:29:52 The place at the beginning. But Derek wasn't here. And then later on after that stuff was built, this individual came back Speaker 3 01:30:01 And they hovered, hovered around this area in the office where I was, and I can see them from here kind of thing. Um, and Speaker 9 01:30:07 It's stuff that none of us knew when Derek was playing around in building these, doing this. And yeah. This individual, like I said, um, big energy, Speaker 3 01:30:17 He'll be back right. Next week or something. Yeah. Set up an appointment. Yeah. So. Speaker 9 01:30:21 Interesting. Speaker 3 01:30:22 Yeah. We have to be vague. I know a lot of the story doesn't get across, but we have to just think privacy reasons. Um, so you really, you're losing a whole lot of the story there. But let's just, uh, the gist of it, others outside that have no idea what crazy Derek is doing in his office, putting these things together with Nancy Hopkins on the radio or phone, um, or like on these shows, they respond to it. And we're not in a bubble here. We're not on display. I keep the curtain shut all the time for privacy. Um, but we immediately feel it, see the responses as almost as blatant as it's like a joke. Like it's a planned out thing. Um, and Speaker 9 01:30:55 Now it feels really good in here. Oh yeah. It, it has, you can kind of balance back out Speaker 3 01:30:58 When you touch, when you were talking about your head at the same, so Julissa was saying in her here in the background, something matter, the top in her crown chakra area, feeling something. I had a pressure on the top of mind, like there was a hand there, and then it lifted up and gone on. Speaker 9 01:31:11 And when I was, oh, when I was putting my hand up. Speaker 3 01:31:13 Oh, it was your hand. <laugh>. That's funny. She was, so we're sitting laughing because she, it was her hand on her head doing it. And I was facing the radio or the microphone chatting on the show, but Speaker 9 01:31:25 I was like, whoa, that feels weird. Oh, that funny. Was like pressure on my hand too. Like my, I was moving my hand, but the energy or crown chakra was moving my hand too. Yeah. Speaker 3 01:31:34 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And then I could feel it over here. I don't know, use Walt over to answer and put on these things. I always default to you, Walt. Just so you know, you gotta ask Walt. He knows me. Just get used to moving things without your hand. <laugh>. Oh yeah, you're right about that. There's, and there my ears ringing, which whatever behind the scenes on that one. <laugh> that. Yeah. As you get it, Walt, that's Yep. You tuned into something there. We'll just say jokingly. Um, oh yeah. And that's stupid obvious now my reality, but yeah, that's interesting. That ties back also in the whole feeling I was talking about earlier. It's tangible, these metaphysical realities or frequencies. Call 'em whatever you want, can be perceived or air quotes here felt, well, Speaker 2 01:32:14 Look at all this. I I don't know what kind of, um, books you read, but if anybody has read anything from, uh, Hanza Uganda, I mean, there, there are so many stories, there are just too many to to tell. But, uh, things that would appear out of nowhere and then they would disappear because for, uh, when, when you're a self-realized master, I mean, you, you have no problem. You just manifest what you need and then you let go of it. That that's the way, uh, when Alex Collier talks about the, um, the andromedan, that's exactly, I mean, they, they, they look at us and they don't understand why we make things like, uh, things that don't disappear. That, that last, like, if we made a chair table, we make chairs, we make a car, we make it, and it just lasts and lasts and it, and it becomes a giant pile of garbage because they don't do that. They just manifest what they need. And once they're done using it, it goes away because it's just energy <laugh>. So they, they, they see us and they don't understand. They don't understand why we have this love of making things that last and last and less, when in reality you don't need to, you just make what you need. And then when you don't need it anymore, it goes back to source. Speaker 2 01:33:32 So we gotta learn <laugh> fast. Speaker 0 01:33:36 That's efficient. <laugh>. Yeah. You know? Wow. So, um, what do we do with this thing? Okay. Because the, the idea, the idea behind how it all started was that, um, we were trying to determine if, because we work with, we've learned to work with the concept of threes that once my, see, my, my eagle was absolutely synced with, with waltz eagle. And that strange pulsing thing was a combination of these two communicating with one another. I knew that that's, Speaker 2 01:34:19 That's why you were feeling one ball going up, one ball going down, down. That's exactly what you're seeing the output of, of one is going into the input of the other and, and vice versa. Speaker 0 01:34:28 Exactly. That's what, Speaker 2 01:34:30 That's why you were feeling that. Speaker 0 01:34:32 And I was, I told Walt, I said, I remember I'm sitting in a chair just watching this, trying to figure out what's happening. And so I'm feeling that, ooh, ooh. And after a bit, I realized that for whatever reason, my breathing had synced with it. You know, I suddenly realized that every time it, it made the, the wave got more intense. It was like my, that's when I was taking in a breath, and I thought that that was very odd, that it was so synced. And I even tried to hold my breath, you know? Oh, let's, let's see what, and I, I actually couldn't do it. It was like, no, breathe. Oh, okay. So, um, just a another aside to it, but we were trying to determine if we needed to put one on the, uh, yasmine's, uh, E because the opponent pono, I was getting, no, that's not what you need. You need the, the shiri. But I was also not getting, uh, you know, oh, we gotta get one to, to Yasmine. I didn't get that. And that's when Walt suggested, uh, Derek. But I think for the full, except what he's done just now, I was thinking that he's, 'cause you asked me does he have to put it in the ground? And I, and I felt yes, he does. But now I'm not so sure Speaker 2 01:36:00 What happened to Nancy. Speaker 3 01:36:02 I was just gonna ask, did I, am I Speaker 0 01:36:03 <crosstalk>? Oh man. I just went through a whole wrap and I was muted and you guys didn't interrupt me. No, no. Speaker 3 01:36:08 You were only muted for about five seconds. <laugh>. Speaker 2 01:36:10 Yeah. Speaker 0 01:36:11 Really. See, okay, now that's, see that, that, that's part of the spookiness. You know, I don't believe that I touched the mouse to turn to, to click on the mute, you know, for that five seconds. But basically I'm throwing it back to you guys. Do you know, what do you think? Do you think, what are we gonna do with this device? Do we, we, you know, lock it in stone on your desk and don't move it? Is it in the perfect place, or do we move it outside? What do, what do we do with it? Speaker 2 01:36:42 Well, I can, we take can Speaker 0 01:36:43 Park because it, it exists as an etheric. Speaker 2 01:36:46 I'm going, let me ask my pendulum. I I'll give you my 5 cents or 2 cents, whatever's worth device I'm getting. No, it shouldn't be on the ground. Speaker 0 01:37:08 It should not. Okay. No, Speaker 3 01:37:10 We've, we've got a spot here in our office, actually in this cabinet, I don't know, three foot from my desk where we could place it and it's secure and can just basically stay there indefinitely. Speaker 0 01:37:19 Yeah. I think maybe you should Speaker 2 01:37:22 Like, like Nancy's, uh, laboratory bill that has the cube. Speaker 3 01:37:28 Oh yeah, that's, that's right. We got that other ball right up there too. Speaker 0 01:37:32 <laugh>. Speaker 3 01:37:34 Yeah. So we've got a place we can keep that then permanently set up and or, um, remember we can always come back and, um, you know, play with it. 'cause we have the intention tubes, as I call 'em, where we can put the different frequencies, be it six into one grade Speaker 0 01:37:47 One. I, I, I don't, I don't think you should do that. I'm Speaker 3 01:37:50 Gonna do right now. Yeah. Speaker 0 01:37:51 I, no, I think this is Gaia. I think you built that for Gaia and that every, you know, it'll, it'll readjust and put in different energies. But I think that, you know, we, we, it goes back to the witnessing, you know? Yes. This was a planned event. I mean, Julissa bought you the, the molecule, uh, figure thing. You know, you decided to make that crazy ass Juan thing. Uh, it's a good thing. You, you made these. He's Speaker 2 01:38:21 Not, he's not done with that. I got news for you. You, you're not done with that. No, Speaker 0 01:38:25 You're, you're absolutely right. Speaker 2 01:38:26 I gotta, I gotta, I gotta tell you what I wanted to tell you at the beginning of the show. But we <laugh> waiting for Nancy to finish a report. Speaker 0 01:38:36 Well, go ahead. I'm finished my report a long time. Okay. Speaker 2 01:38:40 What I wanted to discuss with, uh, with Derek is that, uh, Wilhem Reich, he's the one who came up with the idea for the Oregon concentrators. And if you have read anything, any information about it, you know, he made these organ concentrators, which were like cabinets where somebody would sit inside and they would close the door and the people would experience, uh, healing, physical healing, energy healing. Then if you continue reading up on the subject, you can, like, you very likely come across stories where people report negative, uh, things having used one of those cabinets. Both are right and both are wrong people. Or I shouldn't say that. Both are right and both are wrong. Because what happens is that yes, the concentrators do work, they concentrate organ. The problem is, and this is not ri Wright's fault, because if we remember, he was sent to prison. Speaker 2 01:39:43 So he was never allowed to finish actually his work. I'm sure he would've stumbled across the situation, but he was never allowed to finish. So he, uh, came up with a, with a concentrator concept, which in order to achieve that, in order to take organ and focus it specifically, uh, you layer the material, you know, metals attract and repel organ and non metals attract and store organ. So by layering it, you create a directional flow. So these cabinets or, or boxes, because you can make them any size. They have an outer non-conductive layer, like let's say like, uh, wood, or it could be non, you know, non-metallic material. And inside another, a layer of metallic inside of that, a layer, another layer of non-metallic and so on. So you have four or five layers of metals interspersed with, uh, non-metals. So the end, the end result is that you, you get the, the central space becomes super saturated with organ. Speaker 2 01:40:53 In fact, he had a successful experiment where he totally, uh, was able to negate the, uh, radioactive charge. He worked with a gram, a single gram of radium. And what he did, he put that gram of radium inside, uh, an, an organ concentrator. I don't know how big they would be. And then he put the organ concentrator inside an organ concentrator cabinet. So it's a concentrator inside a concentrator. And what happened, I don't know, I don't remember it precisely how many days he had that in there, but at the end of the test period, uh, the radium was no longer radioactive. He c he was able to successfully negate that charge. In fact, he ended up using it because when he was being, uh, scanned by, uh, uh, secret government UFOs at the time, you the, he would see these, uh, UFOs show up above the line of the horizon. Speaker 2 01:41:57 Uh, and what he, they did is he took one of the cloud busters. He set it for a project mode, because you can make a project or, or, or, uh, ground into the ground the charger that it's picking up. So he said it to project meaning that it's sending energy out and inside the, um, the, the chamber of this, uh, cloud buster, he put in that gram of radium <laugh> that he had put through the concentrators. And in, in a matter of seconds, the U f O was downed. After, after, after he did that, you know, the, the army jeeps, his property filled with army jeeps or, or military Jeeps finding out what happened. You know, what brought down their U F O, that I think that's one of the things that contributed to him, him being arrested, because they must have so suspected that he was working on some super fancy, high-powered, uh, weapon. Speaker 2 01:42:52 So, but the problem is, yes, the concentrators do work. Yes, they do concentrate organ. Unfortunately, the problem is that when there's too much E m F in a, in a, in any given area, especially now with the advent of cell phones and wifi and whatnot, yes, you are concentrating organ. Unfortunately, that's negative organ. It's, it's d o r like, uh, deadly organ radiation. It's what happens when organ gets depleted because normal healthy organ has a pulsing quality to it. It, it breathes like a person breathe or it, it pulsates like a human heart pulsates. When the organ becomes overexcited in the presence of E M F, then it gets dead and stagnant and it's deadly. It's, it's given enough. Concentration is bad. That's why in, in the office spaces years ago when all the computers had CRTs, and you're sitting in the front of that C R T and that's hitting your aura con all day long for hours. Speaker 2 01:43:59 It doesn't matter if you had an eight hour sleep the night before one, two hours into your workday and you're exhausted, you just want to go home, uh, your, uh, your joints will ache, your eyes will burn, your head will hurt. And that's the presence of being out. You have the, the fluorescent lighting all, you know, all over the office spaces. Everything was fluorescent lighting. So that's constantly over exciting the organ in the natural organ in the environment, and giving you a nice, healthy shower of door. And that's why it is, it is so unhealthy to work in an office environment for so, for so many hours. If I believe, uh, if, uh, ri had been made aware of this, that you can transmute the dead organ back into healthy organ, he would've made a a a lot more progress. Unfortunately, again, like I said, he was imprisoned before he can do anything. Speaker 2 01:45:00 So when we are dealing with this Shang gate, Shangai has that ability. It, it transmutes negative energy. It will pulse things back to a healthy state. So if you were to take, let's say, for example, three pipes of three different diameters, uh, half inch, three quarter inch, an inch, uh, you can make it as big as you want, and you put one pipe inside the other and spacing between the pipes. You, uh, there you have to use non-conductive spacers, whether it be bits of rubber, uh, whatever, whatever it is, it has to be non-metallic. And then the space between the pipes, you fill it with the shangai rubber and the outer, the outer, uh, layer of the material has to be shang, the shangai rubber as well. So what you're having is all the ambient organ is being sucked into the center of those pipes. Speaker 2 01:45:58 And of course, you align the three pipes to be a li uh, be in the same polarity, meaning the three ends are going to be the three positive ends on top. And you can either close the other end, the negative end, either you can close it with metal or leave it open depending on how you're going to use it. So now this thing is going to be pouring out a tremendous stream of, uh, of organ because it's being focused on the inside. Now here's where this, the, this thing is gets more interesting because the, the s shang is so aware and so programmable, when you're projecting that energy, you can actually add, tell the s what do you need? Oh, I need blue energy. Oh, I read I need green energy, I need yellow energy. Uh, I need it cold. I need it hot. You can actually change the quality and shape of that energy because the, the Shanghai is so conscious and aware and it's, and it's attracting all that organ into the center of, of this chamber. So that, that's what I wanted to say. That with the, with your, uh, idea of the Shanghai rubber, you can use that as, as a great, uh, medium for making an organ concentrator. And you never, you'll never run the risk of moving negative organ because that's what Shanghai does. Shanghai transmutes all that, uh, all that negative E M F Speaker 3 01:47:25 I think that's a great idea. I need to think of a, I wish I had a space here in mystical wares where I could make, I know all of mystical wares is doing that, but even a more concentrated chamber with these things. Um huh Yeah, I'll have to Speaker 2 01:47:39 Go ahead. Both ends are, both ends are, are useful. Both the, the end that's pulling energy in and the end that's projecting energy out because this is what, what was found by Slim Sperling with his, uh, acube coils is that both ends are useful because sometimes a person's, uh, physical ailment doesn't have to do with it missing energy. It's the other way around. Like when he, his wife had a, a terrible ache on her on one side of her neck, it turned out to be negative energy on, on, he said his acube coil to actually suck it out of her body. And as he moved away from her, it was actually pulling up more and more. So finally after half an hour, it stopped pulling out energy and then, and the pain went away. So both ends of that device are, are both useful, both the projecting end and the, uh, sucking end. The, the end, the end is pulling in. Speaker 3 01:48:37 What I'm, what I'm gonna do, Walt, I'm sitting here while you were telling me that I pulled outta my desk and I was wondering why I had got these. And what I'm talking about is I've got the connection pieces to build another six and a half foot tall pyramid, copper pyramid. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So then I go pick up, you already know where I'm going with this. So what I'm gonna do is build a or get a, make a large amount of the Shanghai rubber, and I'm gonna go ahead and shungite rubber coat an entire six foot tall copper pyramid. Um, and give it a try. 'cause again, yeah, like I said, I was wondering why I had these other, we'll call 'em ingredients in this recipe sitting here for so long. Speaker 2 01:49:12 Uh, if you can make, if you can make, uh, four layers of material, I mean two layers of rubber, two layers of metal, it's, it'll be even stronger. I guess the more layering that, the stronger the concentration becomes, Speaker 3 01:49:25 Oh, I can, that's a possibility. And then just layer the rubber over that. I'm assuming you're gonna wrapping one of 'em right now. Yeah, these are, uh, these are gonna work really well. These are pre-made for those listening. If you know we're talking about, yes, there's copper pyramids you can sit inside of, you can buy the connection pieces that are already pres soldered with copper at the right angles for whichever pyramid type you want in on places like Etsy. And they're, they're pretty pricey though, especially, you know, $300 or so. Uh, typically. And then you have to go buy the copper itself for the length pieces, which is gonna be another several hundred dollars. Um, so these things are pricey, Speaker 0 01:50:00 Right? And then you could take, uh, bigger pipes and put them over the, the ones that match the, uh, coupling of the, uh, apex. So, but that would be a very, very expensive device Speaker 2 01:50:15 To build Speaker 3 01:50:16 The pipe. Well, what, what I'm thinking, what I'm gonna do, yeah. Is just, you can pour it down on the inside of the pipe before you connect with the rubber and then get the outside of the copper pipe as well, and then go from there. So I'll play around with it. There's wrapping aluminum walls. What's your thought on this? Um, 'cause there's aluminum tape and things like that. So why could we not do the layers if there's copper s shungite rubber, the aluminum tape over that, then shungite rubber again? Well, that's Speaker 2 01:50:40 What, that's, that's what I use in my, uh, the, the chambers that I made where I, when I put the pieces, the, um, the resin pieces to qr, I made a, an organ concentrator using aluminum tape and the material, I put the aluminum on the inside because I want the concentration to go in. If, if we reverse the direction, like if you put the outer layer metal first and the last layer inside, uh, um, storage medium, like non-conductive, you're going to get the opposite. Oregon is going to pour outside of the device, but if you want the opposite, you want to concentrate organ inside the device, then the outermost layer has to be non-conductive material and the innermost layer has to be metal because that's the, because you're, you're controlling the, the direction of flow Speaker 3 01:51:35 That makes it easy then Okay, no problem. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Okay, that's easy enough. And I'll have this thing built in no time, actually. Um, 'cause again, I already had these parts and pieces, um, just sitting here and I was wondering why I had 'em kind of thing. I'm sitting checking 'em out, so Yeah, they'll be, that'll be fun. Well, we'll get pictures. Well Speaker 2 01:51:53 Think about it. Look, for example, um, think about, uh, the, the hives for the, for the honeys, you know, how, how well the shangai paint has worked. Well, imagine the inner layer to be layered with the shangai rubber, uh, that those bees will never freeze, even if it, if you're looking at sub-zero weather, because the amount of, of, uh, organ that that'll concentrate in those hives will be such that they'll feel the coolness, but they won't freeze. Speaker 3 01:52:27 Yeah. There'll be enough energy moving there. No, that makes sense. Um, yeah, this'll be, uh, very interesting. Well, Speaker 0 01:52:34 Plus, plus when you, when, when you did the first episode with the hives and you had a winter where, you know, you had five hives left, but in the five hives, only two of them, the bees were able to withstand this winter storm that prevented you from getting there for three days. But two of them did, and those were the two that had the paint on 'em. And at the time that all this was happening, I felt that the difference was not what he's, what Walt's talking about. But the difference was that with the Shanghai energy coming into the, to the environment, then in the minds of these little bees, because, you know, thought manifests even in a bee. So the bees are going, gee, I need more heat. And because they had the energy coming off of the s shungite paint, they actually had a better ability to manifest a warmer environment. And if, if you, if you do the same thing, and I mean, you could make, you could make the honeybee hives into to organ, uh, accumulators, couldn't you, Walt? Speaker 2 01:53:43 Yeah. That, that's why I said if you have done this in the time of, of Wilhelm Rech, that would've been dangerous to the disease because the concentrator attract everything good and positive, good and bad organ. But with the Shang eight, you, you never run the risk of attracting a negative organ because any negative organ that you come across, that's, that's what Sangay does. It will transmute it to a positive state so that that risk is gone. Speaker 0 01:54:11 Is the word transmute, or is the word will spin it to a positive state? Speaker 2 01:54:17 Because Speaker 0 01:54:18 Don't you, the interaction with the field of Shanghai that gets these things moving again, more than Aran. I mean, isn't it, isn't it? Well, to Speaker 2 01:54:27 Me, to me transmuting means that it, it is actually changing its nature from being something negative un destructive to being something positive. Well, Speaker 0 01:54:35 That's, Speaker 2 01:54:35 That's, that's a transmutation. Speaker 0 01:54:37 Yeah, but I'm, yes. Okay, I'll give you that. But what I'm talking about is the actual mechanics of it. Is it the spin of the shangai field that gets the organ moving? Speaker 2 01:54:50 Well, the, the remember of going back to that document that you found about the, the following molecule and how it moves, it actually has three different kinds of motions. So it's, it goes beyond spin. You remember you sent me the Speaker 0 01:55:08 Paper. It's, it's, it's the activity of the field that it's almost a mechanical three D thing. It it's turning it, the, the Shang guide is turning, it's always moving. And, and so you get the organ and doesn't that excite the organ back into a state of it's pristine positive, Speaker 2 01:55:27 It'll natural pulsing state. It has to pulse naturally when it's stagnant. It's, that's what the problem, that's, that's why it's so problematic to be surrounded by all the electronics and all the artificial lighting because it, it, it, it affects, it makes, it makes the organ stagnant. Speaker 0 01:55:53 It, it's, it's the resonance, you know, that's what makes things go. So if you've got an energy field of the sge resonating in multiple ways, then it seems to me that the Oregon would then respond to it and be, it's like jumpstart in a car. That's, that's how I see it. Speaker 2 01:56:14 Well, why do you think, why do you think Gaia gave it to us? <laugh>? Speaker 0 01:56:20 Well, who gave it to Gaia? It did come from outer space. <laugh>. Speaker 2 01:56:24 Yeah. <laugh>, Speaker 0 01:56:25 You know, went through the cosmos of C 60 molecules. That was one of the big breakthroughs, you know, as far as neurology goes. When you have a, a molecule that only exists in plentiful amount naturally in the Shanghai, the C 60 molecule, well, if you've got that one thing that is there on the planet, it's like, okay, this is special. But what they found out was, well, not exactly, because the most prevalent molecules they can now detect NASA is talking is the C 60 in Interstellar space. That's why I put out the contention that it wasn't anything other than something that came from outer space. Because you've got the only, you know, accumulation of C 60. You can't, if you don't have C 60 on the earth, how can you have the C 60 in something that came out of turning into mud and goo and then, you know, carbon and then shungite? How could that be if you didn't even have a starting point? There was no C 60. It came from outer space. So you, you hear somebody tells you that it, what wasn't a meteorite, you know, you tell them that they don't know what they're talking about. It was a gift from the Cosmos young guy. And then it was a gift to us. And we're down to two minutes. So, um, Derek, you wanna say goodbye? Speaker 3 01:57:56 Yep. Thank you everybody for being here. I had a great time. I'm making room in that cabinet in my office for that device, like I was saying. So should have some fun. Speaker 0 01:58:05 Send us some pictures. Speaker 3 01:58:07 Yeah, I will. Speaker 0 01:58:09 Okay, mark. Speaker 8 01:58:10 Thank you everybody. Fun show and like, and, and new, uh, devices. A new water drink. Love it. Thank you. Speaker 0 01:58:19 Yeah, let, let, I wanna know what you think about it. It's gonna be interesting to see what you, you say about it. Have you tried it? I mean, you have, you, have you done, have you got live water with you? Yeah, Speaker 8 01:58:30 Just the same, same thing Yasmin's been saying, smooth texture, silky and, and just different, uh, energies flowing through. So, Speaker 0 01:58:38 Awesome, awesome. So Mar uh, mark Walt wanna say goodnight? Well, actually, we'll be on Cosmic Reality in four hours. Speaker 2 01:58:49 Well, thank you for having me on today's show. Very exciting to do Real life experiments in real time. Real. It was real man. <laugh> Speaker 0 01:58:59 Reality sci-fi and Yasmine. Speaker 4 01:59:04 Thank you everyone. Yeah. Um, infinite eight and I, we were just commenting in chat. We were kind of getting high off of this water <laugh>, so, uh, that was kind of fun, fun show. So, Speaker 0 01:59:19 Excellent. Thank you everybody. We've got two shows, A new Cosmic Reality Chronicles, which would be an old show. And, um, then Radio five g Repl re replay, and then we got Cosmic Reality Live with, um, Wal, uh, Walt and, and, uh, uh, <laugh> Dolly and Nicholas <laugh>. We'll be on. Be Safe everybody. Oops. Not good. You have been listening to the Shanghai Radio Show, produced by Cosmic Reality Radio. Thank you for being here. Be safe.

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