June 03, 2021


“Dolly Shares” 5/22/19 - Sharing Snake Stories

“Dolly Shares” 5/22/19 - Sharing Snake Stories
Cosmic Reality Podcast
“Dolly Shares” 5/22/19 - Sharing Snake Stories

Jun 03 2021 | 01:01:01


Show Notes

“Dolly Shares” with Dolly Howard & Dave Corso are prerecorded shows where Dolly just sits down and talks about what is trending in her mind. Dave Corso transitioned out of the 3-D 7/27/14 after a life as a first generation Super Soldier; as the creator of the Wolf Spirit Radio Station; as a compassionate voice in a world without reason for thousands terrified of what they were beginning to understand; as a teacher capable of providing a new vision of reality. After passing through the veil, Dave decided to stay in a place where he can interact with the 3-D and continue his work nurturing a new reality. Dolly is one of many with whom Dave communicates.

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